Celebrating Disability Pride Month

July is Disability Pride Month, a time to recognize and celebrate the ways in which people with disabilities contribute to the diverse fabric of our society. July marks the anniversary of the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990.

Disability comes in many different forms, both visible and invisible. Disability Pride Month aims to end the marginalization of those with disabilities as well as the stigma around the term disability and instead encourage all people to recognize the value of a more inclusive world.

One important way to celebrate Diversity Pride Month is through reading books featuring characters living with a variety of disabilities. Last year, Natalia Sylvester wrote to us about the importance of authentic and nuanced disability respresentation for our blog, highlighting her Schneider Family Book Award honor novel Breathe and Count Back From Ten. Read on below for more books to read this month and all year long!

Early Reader

cover of brayden speaks up by brayden harrington

Brayden Speaks Up

By Brayden Harrington

Wednesday and Woof: Catastrophe

By Sherri Winston

Middle Grade

Cover of anybody here seen frenchie by leslie connor

Anybody Here Seen Frenchie?

By Leslie Connor

cover of ali and the sea stars by ali stroker

Ali and the Sea Stars

By Ali Stroker

By Rajani LaRocca

cover of figure it out, henri weldon by Tanita Davis

Figure It Out, Henri Weldon

By Tanita S. Davis

cover of speak up by rebecca burgess

cover of no matter the distance by cindy baldwin

No Matter the Distance

By Cindy Baldwin

cover of finding junie kim by ellen oh

Finding Junie Kim

By Ellen Oh

Cover of the fire, the water, and maudie mcginn by sally j. pla

The Fire, The Water, and Maudie McGinn

By Sally J. Pla

cover of will on the inside by andrew eliopulos

Will on the Inside

By Andrew Eliopulos

cover of izzy at the end of the world by k. a. reynolds

Izzy at the End of the World

By K. A. Reynolds


cover of breathe and count back from ten by natalia sylvester

Breathe and Count Back from Ten

By Natalia Sylvester

Cover of one true loves by elise bryant

One True Loves

By Elise Bryant

cover of how to live without you by sarah everett

How to Live Without You

By Sarah Everett

cover of the luis ortega survival club by sonora reyes

The Luis Ortega Survival Club

By Sonora Reyes

cover of everything happens at once by m-e girard

Then Everything Happens at Once

By M-E Girard