New Book Tuesday

Read on to hear about some amazing new books for children and teens hitting shelves on October 10!

In this happy, vibrant tribute to Rock Your Mocs Day, observed yearly on November 15, author Laurel Goodluck (Mandan, Hidatsa, and Tsimshian) and artist Madelyn Goodnight (Chickasaw) celebrate the joy and power of wearing moccasins—and the Native pride that comes with them. A perfect book for Native American Heritage Month, and all year round!

We’re stepping out
and kicking it up.

Wearing beauty on their feet—
as art, as tradition,
with style, with pride—
kids from different Native Nations know
every day is a day to ROCK YOUR MOCS!

This book contains an author’s note with additional information about moccasins and Rock Your Mocs day. Rock Your Mocs Day has now been extended to a week in November, and during that week, kids from all over the United States join together to show pride in their heritage.

When raccoons invade the Athensville Zoo, it’s up to Plum and his friends to save their beloved home. From award-winning author-artist Matt Phelan, creator of Knights vs. Dinosaurs and its two sequels, Trouble Finds Plum! is the third book about a young peacock whose adventures are funny, hopeful, and always kindhearted. A hilarious, highly illustrated novel perfect for reluctant readers and animal lovers everywhere.

When a twelve-year-old decides that she must get herself and her mother out of a bad situation, an eerie connection to a coyote pack helps her see who she’s meant to be—and who she can truly save. The Benefits of Being an Octopus meets The Nest in this contemporary middle grade novel about family, class, and resilience, with a magical twist.

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