24 Fabulous Books Coming This Fall

Fall will be here before we know it, and along with the cooler weather and changing leaves, the new season will blow in a whole batch of new books to get your readers excited for. There are exciting debuts, much anticipated series continuations, beautiful picture books and more! You'll want to preorder these titles now to make sure they're on your shelves and ready for your readers as soon as possible!

Early Readers

Chang'e on the Moon

By Katrina Moore
Illustrated by Cornelia Li

Before she was the famous goddess of the moon, she was simply Chang’e.

Once upon a time, there lived a kind, beautiful woman named Chang’e. She and her husband, Hou Yi, were deeply in love and existed in peaceful harmony . . . Until, one day, ten blazing suns rose into the sky and threatened everything they knew. But while the two worked together to save the lands from burning up—someone else they trusted was plotting against them.

This epic romance follows how Chang’e’s bravery and selflessness saved her people, and why, centuries later, they celebrate her and retell her story all over the world.

The Man Who Didn't Like Animals

By Deborah Underwood
Illustrated by LeUyen Pham

There once was a man who loved his tidy home and who didn’t like animals. Then one day, a cat appeared. The man and the cat both liked napping and watching the rain and eating dinner precisely at six.

Well, maybe this one animal could stay.

Next came a dog . . .

This bighearted and funny tale with delightful artwork from Caldecott Honor artist LeUyen Pham celebrates the joy of embracing new perspectives.

Stacey Speaks Up

By Stacey Abrams
Illustrated by Kitt Thomas

Stacey and her friends can’t wait for lunchtime on Friday, also known as TacoPizza FryDay!

But when Stacey discovers that some of her classmates can't afford to eat lunch, she loses her appetite. She knows she has to do something . . . but what can a kid do?

Plenty, as it turns out! With the help of their community, Stacey and her friends devise a plan to make their voices heard.

Inspired by Stacey Abrams’s legacy of grassroots activism and advocacy, this is a story about how everyone has the power to make a difference.

Still Life

By Alex London
Illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky

Every young artist has drawn or painted a still life scene. Perhaps it is a bowl of fruit, or a toy, or a vase of flowers, or a chair. The only rule is that a still life painting must stay still.

But staying still is hard! Especially for a curious mouse and a hungry dragon and a no-nonsense princess. Will the artist notice that his still life painting is breaking all the rules?

From award-winning author Alex London and Caldecott Medal–winning artist Paul O. Zelinsky, Still Life is a funny, subversive, and clever picture book that brings a painting to wildly imaginative life. Readers will pore over all the silly and surprising details in the illustrations—which tell a story of daring rescues, dashing heroes, and found friends.

The Cafe at the Edge of the Woods

By Mike Please

Rene and Glumfoot are ready to serve Very Fine Cuisine at the Café at the Edge of the Woods. But when their first customer, an ogre, demands pickled bats that smell like farts, Rene is ready to give up! She can't possibly serve such rubbish. Or can she?

With a little bit of compromise, perhaps she can satisfy her customer and still serve the most delicious grub.

Drawn Onward

By Daniel Nayeri
Illustrated by Matt Rockefeller

All alone

He was not so brave…

His heart needed to know

The answer.

This lyrical, heartfelt story a young boy who’s lost all hope braves the dark forest to ask, “Mom, were you glad you were mom?” Gorgeously illustrated, Drawn Onward gently guides readers through the depths of grief and provides comfort and hope to those who seek answers when it feels like all is lost.

How to Sing a Song

By Kwame Alexander and Randy Preston
Illustrated by Melissa Sweet


Now, turn up your ears

and listen

to the concert happening

all around you.

As this quiet overture builds to a full symphony, Newbery Medalist Kwame Alexander and singer-songwriter Randy Preston conduct a melody of a poem. Colorful notes are played by Caldecott Honoree Melissa Sweet’s distinctive artwork.

Surrounded by nature’s chorus and guided by words that vibrate like thunder, let the groove lead you on, until you can’t help but sing out from your soul!

A Moving Story

By Beth Ferry and Tom Lichtenheld
Illustrated by Tom Booth

With the utmost care, brothers Tiny and Pete will move anything anywhere because they know that nothing is too small or too light to wrap up tight and treat just right. But during their biggest move yet, a young panda’s pet turtle goes missing, and even the brothers' efforts might not be enough to save the day.

Full of fun word play and humor, this hopeful and empowering story about trying, failing, and never-ending kindness is sure to move readers to feel big feelings and, most importantly, laugh


By Allen Say

As an old man takes a morning walk, he is startled by a paper airplane overhead. He follows it to a strangely familiar town. There he meets a man who calls him “son” and high school boys who ask him to play catch. When he sees a glimpse of his reflection, he realizes a shocking fact: He is a young man. Could it be that he is getting younger and younger with each person he meets?

As he searches for the plane, he is led deeper into his memories. Where will he find the plane? And what will he discover?

Lushly rendered in oil paintings that nod to the American realist movement, Tonbo will encourage a new generation of artists to take up the creative path.  

Middle Grade

Gracie Under the Waves

By Linda Sue Park

Snorkeling is the best! Gracie loves floating above underwater reefs, watching colorful fish dart in and out of the coral. She convinces her parents to let her plan a family vacation to Roatán, Honduras, where they can snorkel together. She even makes a new friend there. Now, if only her irritating little brother would leave her alone, everything would be perfect.

Things come to a screeching halt when Gracie hurts her leg, and all her carefully made plans start to come apart. Worse still, she learns the reef itself is in serious danger. Gracie wants to help the reef . . . but she’s just a kid. How can she possibly make a difference?

Maven Takes the Lead

By Yamile Saied Mendez

Maven wants to be known for something great.

She had been nervous about starting fifth grade after spending all summer with her little brother and baby cousins. So when her fifth-grade teacher announces a district-wide robotics competition, she jumps at the opportunity to be the class’s leader. Being in charge is better and cooler than playing make-believe, right? Many people doubt her, especially the boys in her class, but with the support of her friends and Girl Scout troop, Maven is determined to prove them wrong.

Then she goes overboard with her dedication to the competition, and she seems to be disappointing everyone—including herself. She begins to realize maybe being herself is what she needed to do all along.

On a Wing and a Tear

By Cynthia Leitich Smith

Melanie “Mel” Roberts and Ray Halfmoon may be from different Indigenous Nations, but the friends have become like siblings since the Robertses moved in with the Halfmoons. And they soon welcome a distinguished guest: Great-grandfather Bat, whose wing is injured, has taken refuge in their old oak tree.

A rematch of the legendary Great Ball Game is coming up, with Bat as the star player. Grampa Charlie Halfmoon offers to drive Bat from Chicago down to the traditional playing field outside Macon, Georgia, and Mel and Ray are determined to help out.

Together, they all set off on a road trip—facing adventure, danger, and a hair-raising mystery—on the way to the historic game.

With loving care and boisterous humor, acclaimed author Cynthia Leitich Smith (Muscogee) tells a modern folklore story about friendship, embracing the unexpected, and all the overlapping circles that connect us throughout Creation.

Splinter & Ash

By Marieke Nijkamp

Ash—or Princess Adelisa—is the youngest child of the queen, recently returned to the city of Kestrel’s Haven after spending six years on the other side of the country. Ash was hoping for a joyous reunion, but the reality is far from it. Her mother is holding the kingdom together by a thread; her brother has only taunts and jibes for her; and court is full of nobles who openly mock and dismiss Ash, who uses a cane and needs braces to strengthen her joints.

Splinter is the youngest child of one of Haven’s most prominent families. She’s fierce, determined, and adventurous, and she has her sights set on becoming a knight just like her older brother. Even if everyone says she can’t because she’s not a boy. So what? She’s not a girl, either.

A chance encounter throws Ash and Splinter into each other’s orbits and changes the course of the kingdom's history.

A Strange Thing Happened in Cherry Hall

By Jasmine Warga

A painting has been stolen…!

When Rami sees a floating girl in the museum, he knows he has seen her somewhere before. Then he realizes: She looks just like the girl in the painting that has gone missing. But how does her appearance connect to the theft?

Agatha the turtle knows—she has been watching from the garden. But she can’t exactly tell anyone…can she?

Will Rami, with the help of his classmate, Veda, be able to solve the mystery? The clues are all around them, but they’ll have to be brave enough to really look.

This is a whimsical, moving story about the universal desire to be seen and understood and how art can help us find connection, even when we are at our loneliest.

The Girls of Skylark Lane

By Robin Benway

Aggie and Jac might be twin sisters, but lately they haven’t felt the same about anything. While Jac is excited about their move to Los Angeles and a chance to seem cool and mysterious, Aggie is worried her new locker won’t open, that Jac could make new friends without her, and that her friends from home will move on, leaving her all alone.

When the first day at school ends with an invite to join the neighborhood softball team, Aggie jumps at the chance to meet the other girls, even if she has to drag Jac along, whose own interest in the softball team might have more to do with the captain’s older brother…

Aggie is relieved to learn that each girl is dealing with their own problems and becomes excited at the opportunity to create strong friendships. But as Jac and Aggie grow into different people, will they be able to hold on to their sisterhood? For life throws the biggest curveball of all: growing up.

Noodle & Bao

By Shaina Lu

Momo has lived in Town 99 her entire life. She knows all its quirks and rhythms: the best places to buy fruit, practice tai-chi in the park, and, most of all, get the best meal: Noodle & Bao, run by Momo’s best friend, Bao, and their amah, Noodle.

But Town 99 is changing. Rent is becoming unaffordable for Momo and her parents, and even Noodle & Bao has been edged out of its storefront, which was just recently bought out by a new business venture—Fancé Cafe. Fancé is run by the ambitious Ms. Jujube and her henchmen, who claim they're only beautifying Town 99 with good business.

Momo knows that’s not true, and knows that if she doesn’t do something, she’ll lose everything she loves about her neighborhood. From undercover recon to a cook-off proposal, protest signs to petitions, Momo and Bao are on a mission to protect Town 99. Will they succeed before it’s too late?

The Shape of Lost Things

By Sarah Everett

Skye Nickson’s world changed forever when her dad went on the run with her brother, Finn. It’s been four years without Finn’s jokes, four years without her father’s old soul music, and four years of Skye filling in as Rent-a-Finn on his MIA birthdays for their mom. Finn’s birthday is always difficult, but at least Skye has her best friends, Reece and Jax, to lean on, even if Reece has started acting too cool for them.

But this year is different because after Finn’s birthday, they get a call that he’s finally been found. Tall, quiet, and secretive, this Finn is nothing like the brother she grew up with. He keeps taking late-night phone calls and losing his new expensive gifts, and he doesn’t seem to remember any of their inside jokes or secrets.

As Skye tries to make sense of it all through the lens of her old Polaroid camera, she starts to wonder: Could this Finn be someone else entirely? And if everyone else has changed, does it mean that Skye has to change too?

The First Cat in Space and the Wrath of the Paperclip

By Mac Barnett and Shawn Harris

4.5 billion years ago . . . an AI paperclip named CheckMate was designed to fix grammatical errors. Exhausted of correcting "who” vs. “whom,” it concocted a plan to eliminate spelling errors once and for all. All life-forms would be turned into something beautiful, practical, perfect: a paperclip.

Thankfully, it was buried in the debris. Long forgotten . . . until it was accidentally freed. Now CheckMate has invaded every computer on Earth and is bent on fulfilling its dastardly plot. There's only one trio who can save the day: the First Cat in Space, the Moon Queen, and LOZ 4000. But when CheckMate zoops First Cat's spacesuit, our titular hero is now powerless. The fate of the world depends on...a regular little kitty cat.

Will everyone in the universe become school supplies?!


Desert Echoes

By Abdi Nazemian

Fifteen-year-old Kam is head over heels for Ash, the boy who swept him off his feet. But his family and best friend, Bodie, are worried. Something seems off about Ash. He also has a habit of disappearing, at times for days. When Ash asks Kam to join him on a trip to Joshua Tree, the two of them walk off into the sunset . . . but only Kam returns.

Two years later, Kam is still left with a hole in his heart and too many unanswered questions. So it feels like fate when a school trip takes him back to Joshua Tree. On the trip, Kam wants to find closure about what happened to Ash but instead finds himself in danger of facing a similar fate. In the desert, Kam must reckon with the truth of his past relationship—and the possibility of opening himself up to love once again.

A Constellation of Minor Bears

By Jen Ferguson

Before that awful Saturday, Molly used to be inseparable from her brother, Hank, and his best friend, Tray. The indoor climbing accident that left Hank with a traumatic brain injury filled Molly with anger.

While she knows the accident wasn’t Tray’s fault, she will never forgive him for being there and failing to stop the damage. But she can’t forgive herself for not being there either.

Determined to go on the trio’s postgraduation hike of the Pacific Crest Trail, even without Hank, Molly packs her bag. But when her parents put Tray in charge of looking out for her, she is stuck backpacking with the person who incites her easy anger.

Despite all her planning, the trail she’ll walk has a few more twists and turns ahead. . . .

The Unfinished

By Cheryl Isaacs

When small-town athlete Avery’s morning run leads her to a strange pond in the middle of the forest, she awakens a horror the townspeople of Crook’s Falls have long forgotten.

The black water has been waiting. Watching. Hungry for the souls it needs to survive.

Avery can smell the water, see it flooding everywhere; she thinks she's losing her mind. And as the black water haunts Avery—taking a new form each time—people in town begin to go missing.

Though Avery had heard whispers of monsters from her Kanien’kéha:ka (Mohawk) relatives, she has never really connected to her Indigenous culture or understood the stories. But the Elders she has distanced herself from now may have the answers she needs.

When Key, her best friend and longtime crush, is the next to disappear, Avery is faced with a choice: listen to the Kanien’kéha:ka and save the town but lose her friend forever…or listen to her heart and risk everything to get Key back.

The Brightness Between Us

By Eliot Schrefer

Seventeen years have gone by since the Coordinated Endeavor crashed on a distant exoplanet. Ambrose Cusk and Kodiak Celius are now the devoted parents of two teenage children, Owl and Yarrow, in a hardscrabble frontier home. Though life on Minerva is full of danger, the family’s bond is enough to make it all worth it—until they learn that the biggest threat to their survival might come from within.

More than thirty thousand years in the past, Ambrose wakes on Earth to find that his mission to save his sister was a ruse. His mother betrayed him, and the cruelty of her true plans sets Ambrose spiraling. When he discovers that another spacefarer is suffering his same fate, he will have to decide whether to risk crossing a world at war to reach him.

Separated by time and space, a young family and two strangers learn that their lives are intimately intertwined. They race to uncover the unexpected connections that might save them all . . . and perhaps humanity as well.

Gentlest of Wild Things

By Sarah Underwood

On the island of Zakynthos, nothing is more powerful than Desire—love itself, bottled and sold to the highest bidder by Leandros, a power-hungry descendant of the god Eros.

Eirene and her beloved twin sister, Phoebe, have always managed to escape Desire’s thrall—until Leandros’s wife dies mysteriously and he sets his sights on Phoebe. Determined to keep her sister safe, Eirene strikes a bargain with Leandros: If she can complete the four elaborate tasks he sets her, he will find another bride. But it soon becomes clear that the tasks are part of something bigger; something related to Desire and Lamia, the strange, neglected daughter Leandros keeps locked away.

Lamia knows her father hides her for her own protection, though as she and Eirene grow closer, she finds herself longing for the outside world. But the price of freedom is high, and with something deadly—something hungry—stalking the night, that price must be paid in blood. . . .

Warrior of Legend

By Kendare Blake

Reed is officially a member of the immortal Aristene. She even has a new name, Machianthe. It’s everything she’s ever dreamed of—so why isn’t she happy?

Maybe it’s because every hero she helps can only find glory at the ultimate cost. Or maybe it’s because she can’t stop thinking about Hestion, the prince she had to leave behind.    

Then Reed takes on a different mission: A princess looking for a glorious marriage. But Hestion, who she thought was in her past, is one of the suitors. And while Reed is trying to untangle their relationship, an old danger is gaining strength.

To battle the growing threat, the Aristene must band together, but the order has never been more divided. Will Reed be able to survive this war with her chosen family and her heart intact?