Picture This: People, Places, and Beautiful Things

Narrative nonfiction picture books are a great way to introduce young readers (and older ones!) to new topics, ideas, and people. They can be read aloud in less than 10 minutes and are filled with colorful illustrations, making them perfect for engaging learners at the beginning of units or supplementing other curriculum materials.

They're a wonderful tool for teaching new vocabulary, background information, and critical thinking skills. These titles often include backmatter and other informational text elements that make it easy to model researching new information to younger students. Nonfiction picture books are also great for emerging readers who want to learn independently, but aren't ready to dive into longer informational texts.  

Nonfiction can also engage a whole new kind of reader. While many children love books that allow them to use their imagination, such as fantasies or adventures, others prefer books that are reflective of real life and allow them to better understand the world around them. Narrative nonfiction bridges the gap between fictional stories and informational texts by bringing facts to life with narrative storytelling elements, making them a good fit for both fiction and nonfiction readers.

Read on to discover some of our newest narrative nonfiction titles featuring the true stories of scientists, architects, animals, dinosaurs, parks and more!